About Power2max

Beginnings: First ideas get tested

Our story begins around 2006. The power2max team is working in the automotive industry, developing and manufacturing wireless products for leading manufacturers. This will prove to be an asset in the development of our products later on. As avid cyclists with a passion for technology we are already interested in training and racing with power but have not yet started developing our own product.


In 2008 the plot thickens: it’s time for a new power metering product in cycling! The question remains: what do we want to develop? Which approach is the most promising? We test different ideas and abandon them again. Some of them make it to the stage of functional models, such as our pedal adapter. We realize that this approach doesn’t fulfill our expectations and continue the developing.


Our goal: Pro quality at amateur prices

2009 and 2010 are dedicated to the development of our crank-based power meter. We have chosen this approach because it combines important qualities:

  • Reliable, reproductible power measurement – under all weather conditions and different uses
  • Almost entirely free from wear – there are no moving parts
  • Simple to use – the cyclist can concentrate on what’s important: training and racing
  • Cost-effective  - we want to make power meters more affordable


Developing power2max: 48 years of experience come into play


The path from the concept to a finished product is long and many challenges need to be resolved. Our team builds on 48 years of work experience in developing products for the automotive industry. We split development into three main areas: mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and software development. Our approach to development is the same as if we would develop a product for Audi or BMW: power2max is designed and simulated in detailed, gets systematically tested, undergoes certification, and has to prove reliable in production.


During the development process we repeatedly stress and fatigue test power2max in lab facilities and go far beyond the stress levels the power meters will be exposed to on a bike and collect a wealth of data that speaks for the reliability of the power meters. Of course we conduct real life tests in parallel to the lab tests and compare results.


2010: Presentation at Eurobike and launch of production


In August 2010 the time has come: we present power2max at Eurobike! We have a small stand where we show our power meters and introduce the power2max concept: professional quality power meters at amateur prices. The feedback in Friedrichshafen and in other conversations is very positive and we are full of energy as we start the next phase: launch of production.


We finish our website so that our customers can order and start the production process. From August to December we work around the clock to ensure a high-quality process and to deliver the first power meters before the end of the year. The first batch leaves our factory in December and reaches our customers in time for Christmas.


2011 until today: growth, new models and new features

power2max continues to develop steadily. We add more and more regions to the ones served: first Australia and New Zealand, then South-East Asia, China, North America, and South Africa. Japan and Israel are the latest additions to the countries served. In Europe our team grows, too, and we can assist our customers in more and more languages.

On the product side things progress, too: we have a large selection of models for road bikes on offer, from BOR via FSA, Lightning, Rotor, TA, to Tune. Something for every taste – from robust and reliable entry-level models to high-end cranks. For mountain bikes we offer four different models in double and triple variants.

The power2max software also continues to be developed and new features get added: since September 2012 our power meters estimate the left-right balance and all our power meters undergo a comprehensive temperature compensation process in a special climate chamber, which ensures accurate measurement under all conditions.


The way forward: Our values and goals

Our growing presence and reputation shows us that the market accepts and values the power2max concept and encourages us to continue on our path. Our goal is to be a competent and reliable partner for all athletes – from the ultra competitive professional athletes to enthusiastic amateurs. This means we will continue to concentrate on four key areas:

  • Continued high quality
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Reliability
  • Affordable, fair prices


Thank you for your trust in power2max. Cycle safely and have fun!

Your power2max team