Power2max Selection Help

1. Can I use my existing crank?

If you already have one of the following cranks you only need a power2max power meter and can use your existing crank:

  • Rotor 3D or 3D24
  • Rotor 3D+
  • Rotor 3D30
  • Cannondale Hollowgram Si / SiSL / SiSL2
  • Specialized S-Works or FACT
  • SRAM Force22
  • SRAM Rival 22
  • SRAM S900

If you currently have another crank you would need to purchase both the power meter and a crank.


2. Which model is right for me?

When choosing the right model you should keep the following in mind:

  • Frame bottom bracket standard: 
Not all cranks fit all frames, although nowadays adapters exist for most.
Please check what type of bottom bracket standard your bike has and then use the filter function on the product page to find the right crank. Currently, the most popular frame formats currently are:
    • BSA (with external bottom bracket) also called British Thread
    • BB30/PF30 (bearings in the frame, 30 mm axle)
    • BB86 (bearings in the frame, 24 mm axle).
    • BB386EVO 
    • ITA (Italian Threaded)
Bottom bracket standards are explained in more detail on this page.
  • Crank length: 
Please check how long your current cranks are. The filter function on the product page helps you find the right crank length. 
  • Weight, design and budget: 
Finally you need to choose which model you like best and whether you prefer a more affordable, but slightly heavier model, or a super light high-end model.


    3. Which Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) should I choose?

    Finally you need to choose which version of the power meter you want to use. A good starting point is to check what chain rings you currently have on your bike:

    For road bikes:

    You can choose between 110 BCD (Compact), 130 BCD (Standard)

    • If you choose Compact (110) the smallest possible ring is 34 – good for mountains
    • If you choose 130 BCD the smallest possible ring is 38 – better for flatter riding and time trialling

    For mountain bikes:

    You can choose between 1x and 2x configurations. The filter function will help you find the right version.


    4. Which accessories do I need?

    Finally you need to choose the right accessories:

    • The right chain rings (important: check that you have the right BCD!)
    • Chain ring bolts
    • Corresponding bottom bracket (you will find information on compatible bottom brackets in the product description of each power meter)
    • ANT+ compatible bike computer with power function (Garmin Edge 500 / 510 / 520 / 810 / 1000)


    5. Install and start using

    Once you have received your power2max you only need to install it and can start using it! In the support section you find a video explaining the installation process. Installing a power2max takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.


    Enjoy your new power2max