The NEW!!! Power2max NGeco from R7999


designed2fit designed2fit


power2max Type S is designed for maximum compatibility. It fits BB386EVO and BB86 frames even better than before and works with all aero chain rings without restrictions. We even have models for the new Shimano 4-hole bolt patten in our line-up.



power2max power meters are extremely simple to use. Start pedaling, and it works. It’s as easy as that.



power2max power meters are extremely well protected against the elements and deliver precise and reliable data under all conditions.The in-built temperature compensation mechanism ensures your power2max always stays accurate.

±2% Precision

±2% Precision: Power2max power meters are extremely accurate. We achieve accuracy of ±2% or better including all environmental influences.

Made in Germany

Designed, engineered, and made in Germany:

We manufacture our power meters in Germany. The advantage for you? Consistently high quality and a product that is reliable.



power2max power meters use the ANT+ standard to transmit data wirelessly to your bike computer. The ANT+ standard guarantees reliable transmission and offers a large number of bike computers to choose from.


Left Right Balance

Left-right balance:

Your power2max power meter estimates the contribution of your left and right leg as your ride. This offers useful additional information for your training.