power2max Type S FSA K-Force Light BB386EVO – Road

R 18,870.00

power2max Type S FSA K-Force Light BB386EVO – Road

power2max Type S power meter

The Type S range of cycle power meters is the second generation of precise, simple2use and robust power meters. power2max Type S power meters are  light, compact and compatible without compromising on the core qualities we have become known for: ease of use, precise and reliable power measurement and a robust construction.

FSA FSA K-Force Light BB386EVO

The power2max Type S combined with the FSA K-Force Light BB386EVO crank makes an extremely light package. In 110 BCD the power meter plus cranks only weigh 576 grams and in the standard 130 BCD version the weight is 600 grams. The carbon arms come in an elegant grey on black design and with the 30mm aluminum axle the FSA K-Force Light BB386EVO is very light and stiff.

Type S FSA BB386EVO – the ultimate in compatibility

The Type S FSA BB386EVO power meter is the first choice for riders with voluminous bottom brackets: for the first time, all BB86 and BB386EVO are compatible with a power2max Type S. We have achieved this by moving the power meter outside the bottom bracket area without affecting the chain line or Q-Factor.

The Type S FSA K-Force Light BB386EVO power meter can also be installed on BSA, BB30, BBRight and PF30 frames, making it one of the most future proof designs on the market.

Crank lengths 170 / 172,5 / 175 mm
Crank axle diameter 30 mm
Q factor 151 mm
Compatible frame formats BB30, BB386EVO, BB86, BBRight, BSA68, PF30
Chain line 46 mm
Sensor weight 110 / 130 BCD 170 / 184 g
Crank plus sensor weight 110 / 130 BCD * 576 / 600 g
Additional weight 139 / 146 g

(* Crank length 175mm, without bottom bracket, without chain rings)


  • Full compatibility with all BB86 and BB386EVO frames
  • WARNING: The FSA Gossamer BB386EVO is not compatible with Rotor BSA30 or PF4130 bottom brackets
Frame format Compatible bottom brackets
BB30 Rotor BB30
BB86 FSA BB386EVO for BB86
PF30 FSA BB386EVO for PF30