Power2max Type S Rotor 3D30 - Road

R 17,020.00

power2max Type S Rotor 3D30 – Road

With the power2max Type S power meter training and racing successfully is not a matter of chance, but pure purpose because of systematically planned workouts. The power2max power meter measure very precise and always reliably your power output on the bike; it is 100% water proof, does have an internal temperature compensation mechanism and is absolute simple to use. You can change the battery or the chain rings yourself, without having to worry about the calibration.

Rotor 3D30 crank

The Rotor 3D30 crank is a light and stiff aluminum crank with hollow crank arms. For its 30mm UBB aluminum axle the Rotor 3D30 crank set is compatible with almost every existing bottom bracket standard. The 30D30 weight is from 510 gram.

General information: To install the power2max Type S with the Rotor 3D30 crank set you will need the “special Rotor tool” which is offered in the power2max shop.

Crank lengths 170 / 172,5 / 175 mm
Crank axle diameter 30 mm
Q factor 149 mm
Compatible frame formats BB30, BB86, BB92, BBRight, BBRight Pressfit, BSA68, ITA70, PF30
Chain line 45 mm
Sensor weight 110 / 130 BCD 172* / 187* g
Crank plus sensor weight 110 / 130 BCD ** 678* / 693* g
Additional weight 125* / 130* g

(* Provisional)

(** Crank length 175mm, without bottom bracket, without chain rings)

Frame format Compatible bottom bracket
BB30 Rotor BB30 / (Ceramic)
BB86 Rotor PF4130 / (Ceramic)
BBRight Rotor BB30 / (Ceramic)
BBRight Pressfit Rotor PF4630 / (Ceramic)
BSA68 Rotor BSA30 / (Ceramic)
ITA70 Rotor ITA30
PF30 Rotor PF4630